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As the signature brand of Fanlight Corporation, NaturaLED® is home to high performance LED lighting. Using manufacturing technology and product development expertise, the NaturaLED team has built a comprehensive line of LED lighting solutions. NaturaLED® has been thoughtfully designed for residential and commercial projects for both indoor and outdoor LED applications such as: retail, office, warehouse, factory and industrial locations.

Fanlight Corporation is an Original Equipment Manufacturer with 40 years of expertise delivering top quality products that exceed the highest standards of excellence. Housed on a state-of-the-art corporate campus with a 755,000 square ft. research and development facility, Fanlight is the largest manufacturer of HID lamps in the world and a leader in solid state lighting technologies. Fanlight Corporation is home to over 1500 employees. With 4 decades of experience in lighting design and market research, the Fanlight team understands lighting.


HID Retrofit

sports light 2.jpg

Sports Light


Area Light

Image 39.jpeg
Area light
sports light
Warehouse Light
Area light
Slim area light
Slim area light
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