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Diamond Mountain Marketing is delighted to offer solar lighting solutions from Solar Lighting International ® , Inc. We offer competitive LED lighting solutions that are efficient, high quality, and adapt effortlessly into your remodeling or new construction goals. We are able to provide you with engineering, design assistance, and photometrics upon request. We look forward to working with you!

Solar Lighting International’s Stealth All-In-One Solar Lighting System is one of the most widely used and installed all-in-one solar lighting solution and is the result of over 18 years of research and development.
The Stealth All-In-One Solar Lighting System offers unsurpassed performance, due to its long life LiFePO 4  battery, variable timed control mode, and 50-foot PIR motionsensor.
The Stealth also boasts a replaceable battery and a replaceable light bar.
The smart working mode includes a dusk to dawn mode, a motion sensor mode, and a customized lighting mode. Just a one-time simple setup; and the controller will adjust each mode automatically.


  • Professional light distribution optical lens for a wide lighting area

  • High Quality Mono-crystalline Solar Panel

  • LED light bars are adjustable to 40°

  • Wide angle detection enables body movement in a larger area and a longer distance

Stealth 40


Stealth 80


Stealth 80 Split

Stealth 120


Stealth 120 Split

Stealth 40-23 Specification Sheet

Stealth 80-23 Specification Sheet

Stealth 120-23 Specification Sheet


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